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Ann J. Kulchin’s Position on Issues

1)      NRG has proposed building a power plant west of  Interstate 5 on the south shore of Agua Hedionda Lagoon. The City Council has voted to oppose construction of a plant there and has offered other locations. What is your position? 

 I oppose building the power plant at this location because our citizens could better use the land for open space/park rather than a tall 139ft. smokestack industrial building.

2)      In 2006 the citizens voted to preserve farmland along Cannon Road as long as financially feasible, after which it would become open space. What is your vision for the future of the existing strawberry and other farmland? 

  Our Prop D Committee met for 9 months.  They proposed many uses for privately owned property including parkland, a floral center, a farmer’s market; all pertaining to agricultural uses.  I support these recommendations, which will be brought forward for city council discussion at an October meeting.


3)      The City Council recently pushed back construction of the $50 million Alga Norte Community Park and Aquatic Center, citing an uncertain state budget and tight finances for the city. What is your position on this issue?

I voted to build the Community Park and aquatic center NOW.  The costs continue to escalate. The park is needed and Funds are in the budget. I felt there was no reason to wait.


4)      Carlsbad is shifting from a developing city to one that is nearly built out, which changes its finances. The city has required developers to build roads, parks and other infrastructure but now the city must maintain them. How will Carlsbad operate in the black while maintaining its parks, trails, roads and public buildings?

 There three key points:  a.  Work with the private sector on naming rights for various public buildings as we did with the library.

b. We have been setting aside money in an infrastructure replacement fund to assure maintenance of roads, sewers etc.

c. Encourage development of hotels, car dealerships and other money generating facilities.

5)      The governor and Legislature have put forward various proposals to take redevelopment funds from cities for up to three years as a way to balance the state's general fund budget. How would this affect Carlsbad and what would you propose to counter the impact?

 The state has power over local government; they cannot take our property taxes, sales taxes or vehicle in lieu fees. They could take our redevelopment fees and this would hurt the regeneration of economically weak portions of our downtown areas. We would try to accelerate money-generating businesses; Hotels, auto dealerships etc. so that monies generated for our general fund could be used for services that enhance the life of Carlsbad citizens.


6)      What qualifications, attributes or perspectives would you bring to this elected position that your opponents would not?

 28 years experience in local and regional government; I know how to get things done and have worked successfully on local state and national levels. I have a good working relationship with our representatives in county, state and federal government.


7)      What are the two most important issues in this race? How would you address each one?

  Leadership and Effectiveness. We are entering a period of uncertain times.  Our economy is in turmoil and our governmental processes are in a dynamic and volatile position.  The state budget crisis and the federal deficit will have an effect on our citizens and our local government. We need policy makers who have judgment and influence to be effective and move this city through tougher times.  I understand the issues and potential alternatives that will continue to improve the quality of life for our citizens.


The Environment; Water is the primary concern.    Encourage, Desal, and conservation..  In addition we need to find ways to accomplish things with a minimum of interference from our regulatory agencies.


8) Will you vote for the $50 county parcel tax for fire protection?  (yes/no) yes 

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